April 16th 2020

I don’t want to write another sad song, another sad story.
I want to feel happy and share that happiness.
I’m tired of trying to be perfect, of pretending I’m someone other than me.
The truth is, I’m scared sometimes, and it’s okay
I’m loud sometimes, and it’s okay
I’m intense, I’m passionate, I’m free, and it’s okay.

I just wish the world would let me be me.
When I’m 100% true, I scare people away
When I’m 100% in, somehow it’s still not okay.

If we don’t fit in each other’s lives, it’s fine,
Just don’t ask me to believe your lies.

If my ideas don’t appeal to you, it’s fine,
Just don’t pretend that you’re on my side.

If you don’t like what I’m saying, it’s fine,
Just don’t be mad if you can’t change my mind.

Man, I wish things were simpler. They’re not.

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