Snowy Beaches story

I live in Toronto, Canada, and I am pretty fortunate to have found a place close to Woodbine Beach. I love going to the beach, at any time of the day, no matter the season, walks on the beach always calm me down, put my mind at ease.

I always get peaceful vibes from the Lake that inspire me to write.

I went to the beach yesterday (Jan 27th 2021) and took pictures and videos that have given me inspiration for a couple of lyrics.

Positive lyrics and a positive melody, it’s a song about getting back on track after almost giving up.

It’s a very personal song, because I contemplated quitting music for a moment last year.

Between the pandemic, the necessity of finding a new place, the loss of some friends, it was a tough time for my creative mind, and I thought I would be better off not playing music/singing/writing songs. I was wrong!

And thankfully, I am still able to find inspiration in landscapes, peoples’ smiles and quietude!

The song is still under composition, but I will update you (and post it) as soon as I finish it!

Here are some of the pictures that have inspired me (I don’t retouch the photos that I take, so they are a bit raw, just how I like them):

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