Path to freedom – story

TW: domestic violence
(please feel free to skip if it makes you uncomfortable)

Path to Freedom is one of the songs I wrote after dreaming about a painful situation. As some of you may know, I am a real fan of true crime shows… and I watched a particular show about a person taking in isolated, orphans or homeless people and abusing them and their situation to get benefits.

The dream Path to Freedom is based on was similar… I was an orphan who had been placed in a new home with her sister and unfortunately, our situation was not ideal. After weeks of abuse, my sister started to plan an escape. She got out, and left me a copy of David Copperfield with a note inside that simply said “I found a path to freedom” with a code, inside of the book, that explained how to follow the same path. My answer in the dream was “I’m not brave enough to walk it on my own”, and this is what triggered me to write this song.

It is not a happy song, and a few people have linked it to other sad stories, that, unfortunately, were not dreams. I felt that this was still a good story to share, because some people need a hand in escaping dangerous or triggering situations, and I think we should be more understanding of these people who do not feel brave enough to do it on their own.

Musically, I was attracted to a jazzy / pop sound for this song, because the atmosphere I wanted to create was close to the musical Chicag.

If this song resonates with you, one way or another, please feel free to share it and add it to your playlists!

I hope you like it.