Networking and all that jazz

What do you think of the music scene in Toronto?”, “Do you go to music networking events?”, “Have you ever collaborated with someone in this city?” are three of the questions I get the most when it comes to the Toronto Music Community…

I always found networking to be hard and a waste of time (I always end up helping out others, but never get to find what I am looking for). But these past two years, after the pandemic, networking has been an easy way to reconnect with people in a professional context, especially in terms of music. The Toronto music community is a beautiful circle that I find inspiring and uplifting. You can always find someone to hype you up, help you out, collaborate or share a stage with.

If I had to add one critique, I would say that the community could be more open to different genres. I found that a lot of people doing are sticking to their own styles when they could benefit from mingling with singers, songwriters and musicians from other genres.

It was something I realized when I first collaborated with Kromatix (Matthew Isaacs – RnB singer, songwriter) and BeatsbyJustin (Justin Guanio – hiphop beatsmaker) on a short EP project. Their approach to songwriting and music production was different from mine, but I benefited from learning their ways and seeing how they worked. It is always inspiring for me to meet artists and be transported into their process, because it helps me envision music through a different lens.

Usually, when I write a song alone, I will have some lyrics pop in my head, maybe a quick melody that keeps on swinging between my ears, and then I will – at some point – decide to put pen to paper, and notes on a sheet. Finishing a song can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 weeks, and everything in between!

Having a collaborative process helped me tighten my own. Deadlines to be met, a clear schedule, lyrical expectations… it was a really fun time. From this happy encounter, came out my EP ‘Secret’, available here.

So long story short: I think the music scene in Toronto is pretty dope! I try to go to music networking events whenever I can, and I have collaborated with some very talented artists, and I am hoping to meet many more!

love, always.