Balancing Lives

Hi! 👋🏾 My name is Julia Ambre and I have 9 lives…🐯

As a music lover: I love going to concerts, watching live performances on YouTube, listening to various artists on a daily basis.

As a singer songwriter / performer: I write and compose original songs on a regular basis. I am currently in the process of recording a new album, and I truly hope you will enjoy it and come celebrate it LIVE with me!

As a food lover: one of my favorite activities is trying out new food from different cultures, new restaurants and (sometimes) new recipes! I have a very long list of places to try out in Toronto, that grows exponentially as I cross addresses off it!

As an executive assistant/operations manager: this is my “day job” I work full time for an architecture studio in the city. This takes up a lot of my time and mental capacity, but I really enjoy most of the tasks that I have to fulfill for this.

As a social butterfly: I love my friends, I love to spend time with them, and I love to party! It’s important for me to be surrounded by people from different horizons and get to experience life with them. I am lucky enough (and super grateful) to have found many people here in Toronto that I can call my friends.

As a hermit: I know this fully contradicts with the previous point, but I do enjoy solitary time. I love to watch true crime shows on Netflix or YouTube (any Bailey Sarian fans?). It has been a little hard to dedicate some time to myself this summer but I am committed to get back on track!

As a Yoga and fitness aficionado: I really enjoy working out and exploring ways my body and mind can connect in strength, flexibility and expansion. I try to consistently apply healthy discipline to my physical and mental activities.

As a professional napper: naps are sacred. I very often need a nap to reset after my day. From 10min to 4 hours, depending on my level of tiredness. I started napping when I moved to Toronto and was working in hospitality, I kept the habit as a way of clearing my mind in between different parts of my day, because I cannot meditate.

As a writer: this is an aspect of my life that I do not often talk about, but I LOVE writing fiction pieces. I have an important gallery of written work that I continue to fill, and that I may or may not share with a broad audience at some point. From essays to novels, I dive into creative writing very frequently; it helps me think. And I also write these little blog posts from time to time, to keep you updated!

It’s hard to believe that there are only 24 hours in a day sometimes & it’s hard to capitalize on time… so this coming year, starting now, I am prioritizing *balance* !!

How? By taking simple steps to create an equilibrium between my 7 lives to avoid excess of stress, exhaustion, illnesses, etc.:

1 / Syncing my calendars (one for work, one for music, one for social media, one for personal/social activities);
2 / Planning tasks ahead of the month;
3 / Scheduling down time.

I know it seems obvious for a lot of you, readers, but trust me, it is not as easy as it seems for someone like me.

Now… onto a well deserved nap! 😴🥱

love, always.