Secret – an EP

‘Secret’ is an EP about an encounter.

These 4 songs tell a short story of paths crossing and separating. It’s about putting your trust in someone, feeling let down, letting go, and not falling for the same scheme twice.

Written in collaboration with Matthew Isaacs and Justin Guanio, it is now available on all streaming platforms:



Fake Roses

Stand Back

Path to freedom – story

TW: domestic violence
(please feel free to skip if it makes you uncomfortable)

Path to Freedom is one of the songs I wrote after dreaming about a painful situation. As some of you may know, I am a real fan of true crime shows… and I watched a particular show about a person taking in isolated, orphans or homeless people and abusing them and their situation to get benefits.

The dream Path to Freedom is based on was similar… I was an orphan who had been placed in a new home with her sister and unfortunately, our situation was not ideal. After weeks of abuse, my sister started to plan an escape. She got out, and left me a copy of David Copperfield with a note inside that simply said “I found a path to freedom” with a code, inside of the book, that explained how to follow the same path. My answer in the dream was “I’m not brave enough to walk it on my own”, and this is what triggered me to write this song.

It is not a happy song, and a few people have linked it to other sad stories, that, unfortunately, were not dreams. I felt that this was still a good story to share, because some people need a hand in escaping dangerous or triggering situations, and I think we should be more understanding of these people who do not feel brave enough to do it on their own.

Musically, I was attracted to a jazzy / pop sound for this song, because the atmosphere I wanted to create was close to the musical Chicag.

If this song resonates with you, one way or another, please feel free to share it and add it to your playlists!

I hope you like it.

Always – story

The happy side of a love story.

I like to sign “Love, Always.” whenever I write a letter in English (yes, I still write letters) – it is also the subtitle of my website, and a personal motto that I base my interactions on. I think that love is such an important part of life, it should always be the first intention someone puts into an interaction. I know it is not the case, unfortunately, and I understand how hard it is sometimes to come forth with a giving attitude, but I also know that love is a power that should be shared with most.

Always is a song about a strong love, a young love, an everlasting love, and how it makes me feel.

Always is a state of the heart, a profession of love to a happy relationship, that I hope will last forever.

Paranoid – story

Paranoid is about this feeling I get sometimes, like everyone is watching me, mocking me, waiting for me to make a mistake… It never lasts long, because I am surrounded by lovely and understanding human beings, but the anxiety and the exhaustion are always creeping…

Sometimes, I think I’m paranoid!

Tail of the Junction
Tail of the Junction
Tail of the Junction

Broken – story

That moment when you know a connection is only one sided but you cannot help your heart from getting involved. If you have never been in this situation, I urge you to try and avoid it – – – but it is hard not to let your heart win.

My story takes place in France, where I met a lot of men through various means… Of course, one of them was the least emotionally available person I could ever meet. He was obnoxiously confident, really full of himself, but he was smart, funny and ambitious, so I liked him a lot. I thought I could handle a fling with him, but I ended up getting my heart broken by his ego. I did not blame him, he was always straightforward about his intentions. But I did blame myself for letting my heart get involved, and I promised myself that I would remember the feeling to never encounter a heartbreak again… Well fast forward a few years and a similar thing happened to me in Canada.

This is Broken… broken is a love story, a sad one.

Oasis – story

Oasis is a song I wrote in 2019 during a trip to Paris! I had been invited to perform at an OpenMic at a bar called L’Oasis 244… I had written a few songs but none seemed to be ready for a live performance, so I decided to write a specific one to introduce myself for that night.

It was a wonderful ice-breaker and people really liked it, so I refined it and recorded it!

Since I did not have a name for this song and it debuted at the Oasis 244 bar, I felt like naming it Oasis was a good tribute to the place that prompted its creation, especially because it was such a good fit with the vibes of the song!

I have already performed it a few times since then, but I will always remember that first night!

You can hear it right there:

Snowy Beaches – story

I live in Toronto, Canada, and I was pretty fortunate to have found a place close to Woodbine Beach as soon as I arrived. I love going to the beach, at any time of the day, no matter the season, walks on the beach always calm me down, put my mind at ease. I always get peaceful vibes from the Lake that inspire me to write.

I went to the beach yesterday and took pictures and videos that have given me inspiration for a couple of lyrics. Positive lyrics and a positive melody, it’s a song about getting back on track after almost giving up.

It’s a very personal song, because I contemplated quitting music for a moment last year. Between the pandemic, the necessity of finding a new place, the loss of some friends, it was a tough time for my creative mind, and I thought I would be better off not playing music/singing/writing songs. I was wrong! And thankfully, I am still able to find inspiration in landscapes, peoples’ smiles and quietude!

Here are some of the pictures that have inspired me (I don’t retouch the photos that I take, so they are a bit raw, just how I like them):

April 16th 2020

I don’t want to write another sad song, another sad story.
I want to feel happy and share that happiness.
I’m tired of trying to be perfect, of pretending I’m someone other than me.
The truth is, I’m scared sometimes, and it’s okay
I’m loud sometimes, and it’s okay
I’m intense, I’m passionate, I’m free, and it’s okay.

I just wish the world would let me be me.
When I’m 100% true, I scare people away
When I’m 100% in, somehow it’s still not okay.

If we don’t fit in each other’s lives, it’s fine,
Just don’t ask me to believe your lies.

If my ideas don’t appeal to you, it’s fine,
Just don’t pretend that you’re on my side.

If you don’t like what I’m saying, it’s fine,
Just don’t be mad if you can’t change my mind.

Man, I wish things were simpler. They’re not.