Introducing me

Pop-more singer songwriter

Julia Ambre has always been a music lover but she started making music publicly at 20, when she felt ready to share an intimate part of herself with an audience.

Hometown to Paris France, she settles in Toronto in 2019, joining the international music scene. Julia Ambre has an original sound, a unique blended pop, rock and soft funk genre that she likes to call Pop-More. Her music combines refreshing lyrics, funky rhythms and memorable melodies! She released her self-produced debut album in 2022 to celebrate life and encounters how she knows best.

She is always eager to play live and has already discovered a good number of Toronto stages through small gigs and open mics, despite the pandemic. Nowadays, it is on stage that she feels the most comfortable, sharing her story and experiences through music and dance, with a public that always reciprocates her cheerful energy.

Now that the world has reopened its stages, Julia Ambre is ready to bring happy vibes to your area! Make sure to check out her latest news on her socials.

Live video

Summer 2019 at the Supermarketto with Vicente and Eduardo

An Upcoming Song

Power is a statement! It was written in collaboration with Matthew Isaacs and Justin Guanio to celebrate the journey to success in a fierce and energetic way

A Music Video

Filmed in Toronto on a very cold weekend of January 2022…

Some Pictures

Some Released Songs

My debut album Rencontre{s}