Afternoon Coffee – story

This is one of the first songs I wrote about the pandemic! We were on our second lockdown, end of 2020, and I was FED UP with staying home, looking forward to seeing people, going out with my friends, and seeing the world reopen in general. This is exactly what this song is about! I hope to see you all dance with me soon.

Secret – an EP

‘Secret’ is an EP about an encounter.

These 4 songs tell a short story of paths crossing and separating. It’s about putting your trust in someone, feeling let down, letting go, and not falling for the same scheme twice.

Written in collaboration with Matthew Isaacs and Justin Guanio, it is now available on all streaming platforms:



Fake Roses

Stand Back

Path to freedom – story

TW: domestic violence
(please feel free to skip if it makes you uncomfortable)

Path to Freedom is one of the songs I wrote after dreaming about a painful situation. As some of you may know, I am a real fan of true crime shows… and I watched a particular show about a person taking in isolated, orphans or homeless people and abusing them and their situation to get benefits.

The dream Path to Freedom is based on was similar… I was an orphan who had been placed in a new home with her sister and unfortunately, our situation was not ideal. After weeks of abuse, my sister started to plan an escape. She got out, and left me a copy of David Copperfield with a note inside that simply said “I found a path to freedom” with a code, inside of the book, that explained how to follow the same path. My answer in the dream was “I’m not brave enough to walk it on my own”, and this is what triggered me to write this song.

It is not a happy song, and a few people have linked it to other sad stories, that, unfortunately, were not dreams. I felt that this was still a good story to share, because some people need a hand in escaping dangerous or triggering situations, and I think we should be more understanding of these people who do not feel brave enough to do it on their own.

Musically, I was attracted to a jazzy / pop sound for this song, because the atmosphere I wanted to create was close to the musical Chicag.

If this song resonates with you, one way or another, please feel free to share it and add it to your playlists!

I hope you like it.

Always – story

The happy side of a love story.

I like to sign “Love, Always.” whenever I write a letter in English (yes, I still write letters) – it is also the subtitle of my website, and a personal motto that I base my interactions on. I think that love is such an important part of life, it should always be the first intention someone puts into an interaction. I know it is not the case, unfortunately, and I understand how hard it is sometimes to come forth with a giving attitude, but I also know that love is a power that should be shared with most.

Always is a song about a strong love, a young love, an everlasting love, and how it makes me feel.

Always is a state of the heart, a profession of love to a happy relationship, that I hope will last forever.

Some ideas to limit the impact of live music on climate change…

My favorite activity, as a singer, is to be onstage and sing live. My biggest dream is to tour the world alongside friends and musicians, to be able meet different people and discover different cultures through my art… But when I look at it closely, touring the world has a tremendous effect on the environment. A recent study (2021) suggests that live music in the UK alone generates 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Today I am brainstorming on this question: How can we limit the impact of live music events on climate change?


While festivals generate a lot of travels, transportation and traffic, we can encourage festival goers to save energy at home while they are away. For example, if you leave your house for a weekend or a few days, you can unplug devices that do not need to stay on, turn off all the lights, deactivate your internet, etc. You can also make sure that your food will not go to waste by packing items that may need to be eaten right away as snack! On the road, as much as possible, using public transportation such as buses or trains to reach the festival is also a way to limit emissions. During the festival, recycling waste and using water fountains instead of buying plastic bottles will help limit the impact of the festival on the environment. In terms of production, a lot of festivals take place during the day, which is a good way of limiting energy use by not using many lights… I know that sometimes a show needs to be lit to keep its magic, solar powered LED lights might be the right path to reduce pollution in this case. After the concerts, solar powered flashlights and lanterns could be distributed to festival goers and performers to enjoy while they are in their individual tents; this would help reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Concerts at stadiums or large venues.

First and foremost, artists can choose to be sponsored by organisations that are actively engaged to fight climate change. Each concert could be a wonderful platform to keep people informed and engaged in climate related information. A band and its crew can choose to limit their flights to necessary ones and travel in hybrid vans/buses to reduce emissions while going from city to city. Some artists could decide to dedicate part of the tickets revenues to non-for-profit environmental groups. During the tour, it could be possible to only source out local providers to cater for the audience and the band crew (farmers, vineyards, artisans), this would lessen the impact of accommodating the event and shine a new light on local producers. For the audience, carpooling with fellow concert goers or using public transports would help, as it would for a festival. Digital tickets are also helpful to reduce the paper consumption during these events. In the venue, instead of using plastic cups, sustainable reusable cups (such as Circular and Co) could also be a good path towards reducing waste – people could pay a deposit on their first drink, then have the choice to keep the cup or return it.

Street / Subway Performances.

In Canada, where I live now, street performers (buskers) need a permit to legally perform in the streets. They can pick the spot that they want and perform for as long as they would like. These performances are often tips-based and do not require tickets or promotion. A lot of artists offer the option to tip online which reduces the need for liquid money. They can engage easily with the audience and be sponsored by organisations or non-for-profit groups. Buskers usually use their own equipment and car to set up their stages, so if their finances allow, they could try and use an electric car, or use a shared auto instead of a personal one… Lighting can also be an important part of a busker’s show. Developing public LED lights and solar powered outdoor plugs could be a good way to reduce the use of energy during these street performances. The city could provide such devices to artists with a valid permit.

A few artists have already come up with their own environment friendly idea, feel free to take a look on the links below:

Billie Eillish
Jack Johnson

This concludes my little brainstorm session of the day. I am certain that tons of other ideas could help limit the impact of live music events on climate change.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below to let me know!!!

Broken – story

That moment when you know a connection is only one sided but you cannot help your heart from getting involved. If you have never been in this situation, I urge you to try and avoid it – – – but it is hard not to let your heart win.

My story takes place in France, where I met a lot of men through various means… Of course, one of them was the least emotionally available person I could ever meet. He was obnoxiously confident, really full of himself, but he was smart, funny and ambitious, so I liked him a lot. I thought I could handle a fling with him, but I ended up getting my heart broken by his ego. I did not blame him, he was always straightforward about his intentions. But I did blame myself for letting my heart get involved, and I promised myself that I would remember the feeling to never encounter a heartbreak again… Well fast forward a few years and a similar thing happened to me in Canada.

This is Broken… broken is a love story, a sad one.

Oasis – story

Oasis is a song I wrote in 2019 during a trip to Paris! I had been invited to perform at an OpenMic at a bar called L’Oasis 244… I had written a few songs but none seemed to be ready for a live performance, so I decided to write a specific one to introduce myself for that night.

It was a wonderful ice-breaker and people really liked it, so I refined it and recorded it!

Since I did not have a name for this song and it debuted at the Oasis 244 bar, I felt like naming it Oasis was a good tribute to the place that prompted its creation, especially because it was such a good fit with the vibes of the song!

I have already performed it a few times since then, but I will always remember that first night!

You can hear it right there:

Introducing me – cover

I’m extrovert but calm 
I think lyrics need to rhyme 
And you’re not asking but
I’m always down for a good time

I eat cheese
But no more pizza, please
I’d rather eat some homemade quesadilla
Otherwise I’d rather eat sushi

And I, I really like it
When the sun shines in the morning
And I love it when I sing on stage


I tried to generate captions but there was “no speech recognized” so I’ll post the lyrics on my website 😂 #introducingme #cover #juliaambremusic

♬ original sound – Julia Ambre


I’m on the road
I ride on my own
And I can feel the breath of nature around me
I see your smoke
I couldn’t know
But I won’t let this downside have a toll on me

See how we’ve grown
Who’ll take the crown

Deep in your mind
You’ll see the sign
Of what this adventure can bring to both of us
Oh don’t be blind
Oh please be kind
We could be creating a new meaning to this

So far we’ve come
Don’t let us down

You hold grudges
About who you think I’m still
You don’t know this
You don’t notice
The way I make you believe

The world you seek
Has been drawn by me
In all honesty
Between you and me
I will not be humble about this.

I’ve been so calm
I stayed so warm
But they’re still trying to put thoughts into my head
Weren’t you told
To fit the mold?
And can’t you see how bad this is for your own health

I’m here for you
But I’m afraid too

You hold grudges
About who you think I’m still
You don’t know this
You don’t notice
The way I make you believe

The world you seek
Has been drawn by me
In all honesty
Between you and me
I will not be humble about this.

Thanks to the times you got me down
Now I can fly and you’re on the ground.

The world you seek
Has been drawn by me
In all honesty
Between you and me
I will not be humble about this


I’m a little scared sometimes, especially of birds
I’m a little strange but I happily share my world
It looks like Planet Earth, but it’s something else
I know it sounds like fun, but it’s more complex

There are my words written on the paper
And my stories laid on the computer

I’m a big girl, I say it & I mean it
I’m a dreamer, sometimes I don’t even feel it
I’m a young miss with an old tortured soul
Can’t live the bliss, ignorance is long gone

My mind’s always open, that’s all I’ll ever need
Meeting you at the right time, is how it works for me
There are colorful rivers, flowing with emotions
If u look up at my sky, it’s pouring with ambition

There are my thoughts shared or deeply concealed
And out my mouth, trillions of ideas

Trust me, I welcome you into this world
If you promise, to stay lenient
Trust me, I welcome you into my world
Just be careful, I’m vehement

I’m a big girl, I say it & I mean it
I’m a dreamer, sometimes I don’t even feel it
I’m a young miss with an old tortured soul
Can’t live the bliss, ignorance is long gone

Trust me, I welcome you into this world
If you promise, to stay lenient
Trust me, I welcome you into my world
Just be careful, I’m vehement

Available on Spotify here