Broken – story

That moment when you know a connection is only one sided but you cannot help your heart from getting involved. If you have never been in this situation, I urge you to try and avoid it – – – but it is hard not to let your heart win.

My story takes place in France, where I met a lot of men through various means… Of course, one of them was the least emotionally available person I could ever meet. He was obnoxiously confident, really full of himself, but he was smart, funny and ambitious, so I liked him a lot. I thought I could handle a fling with him, but I ended up getting my heart broken by his ego. I did not blame him, he was always straightforward about his intentions. But I did blame myself for letting my heart get involved, and I promised myself that I would remember the feeling to never encounter a heartbreak again… Well fast forward a few years and a similar thing happened to me in Canada.

This is Broken… broken is a love story, a sad one.

Introducing me – cover

I’m extrovert but calm 
I think lyrics need to rhyme 
And you’re not asking but
I’m always down for a good time

I eat cheese
But no more pizza, please
I’d rather eat some homemade quesadilla
Otherwise I’d rather eat sushi

And I, I really like it
When the sun shines in the morning
And I love it when I sing on stage


I tried to generate captions but there was “no speech recognized” so I’ll post the lyrics on my website 😂 #introducingme #cover #juliaambremusic

♬ original sound – Julia Ambre