When do we stop growing up?

Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to grow up and be an adult.

I was eager to get own my place, own my money, work in an office and make a change in the world! I wanted to know a lot, and be able to share my opinion with people.

My mom used to tell me that knowledge would come with experience, so I wanted to experience as soon as possible!

Life granted me part of that, and I “grew up” fast enough… But now, at 26, I still feel like I’m growing up. Sometimes I don’t feel like an adult at all.

Yes, I own my money, I have my own place, I converse with other adults without being deemed incapable (well, most of the time… because some people still think that they know everything)!

But I do not FEEL like an adult, at least like what I imagine being an adult is.

I love to discover things and learn, I love to meet people and make friends, I love to learn new languages and how to express myself more openly, I love candy, I love snow, I hate the rain and I take naps… I still need to Bloom!

I’m basically a toddler in an adult’s body… And it’s fine, I mean, to each their own…

But it’s also very scary, because whenever I try to imagine a future my toddler side prevents me from taking the steps to make it happen.

I do not feel fit enough, good enough, old enough, strong enough to deserve what I really want…

Does anybody else feel like this? Is there a remedy?

When will I stop growing up and start being a grown-up?

When will I be able to see the potential Wonder Woman that I can be?

If anyone has an answer, I’m all ears!!

See you soon,